Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Got some heel lifts! SUPER!

Every thought that you could get taller.. well I have. I bought some heel lifts because one of my legs is longer than the other (its called leg length discrepancy). Well the doctor gave me some of these heel lifts and it has realigned my legs and has also made me taller.. I have been suffering from leg length discrepancy since I was born I think and it has really been the snagof my life and has made simple task so hard but since seeing this specialist doctor who prescribed me these comfy heel lifts I have been able to live my life just how I want. I have also been suffering from being quite small all my life aswell I dont know whether or not this is to do with the leg length discrepancy or not but it sure has given me a lot of bother from taller people taking the mic.. even though I might have just been 3 inches smaller than them they still thought it would be a laugh to take the mic out of my height. I am quite grateful that these heel lifts have managed to increase my height!! I wasn't told they would only that they correct my differing leg lengths. I know that it is just the heel lifts that are doing all of this and creating the illusion of more height but because you cant see them it is just as good as actually being taller if none is non the wiser. Even if you are not suffering from leg length discrepancy you dont need to be prescribed these heel lifts either you can get special height increasing insoles for your shoes online too.... I dont know if the online ones are like the ones I have or better considering by the looks of things that these are designed just for height increase rather than mine that were just made really for leg length correction instead.I have actually wrote about all oft his before on my other blog.. find that post here.

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